Sue Tyldesley

I am an enthusiast for many types of craft but have a particular interest in textile and wax.

Since taking a teachers course in encaustic wax painting nearly 15 years ago , I have been teaching the subject at Alston Hall adult education college and elsewhere. I love the colours and the element of surprise which this medium brings.

I’ve enjoyed embroidery for many years -starting with tapestries stitched during boring days when I was ill as a child! In more recent years I have done many short courses on different aspects of embroidery, particularly machine embroidery and  I’m currently secretary to Parbold Branch of the Embroiderer’s Guild. My recent work seeks to combine my love of  encaustic wax with my stitchery to create unusual bags and other work

Being a member of ‘One Step On’ enables me to develop and exhibit my work more widely.

"The Beginning of Time"

Felt jacket, hand made felt

Beginning of Time ST
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Tiffany Style SMT

Poppy Lamp SMT

fantasy Flowers ST
Connected Flowers ST

Above: Tiffany Style
Technique: Reverse applique
Size: 12" x 10"

Above: Poppy Lamp
Matrials: sheer fabrics
Size: 8.5" x 4"

Above: Fantasy Flowers
Techniques/Materials: Encaustic wax image printed onto calico with  wool fleece ,hand and machine embellishments
Size: 15 x 80cm
Above: Connected Flowers
Techniques/Materials: Woven papers with different embellishments including encaustic wax with hand and machine stitching and silk cocoon flowers. Backed with hand dyed fabric
Size: 46 x 37cm
Secret memories ST
Connections to South Africa ST
Magic Wood ST
Above: Secret Memories
Materials/Techniques:Quilt constructed from hand dyed fabrics with machine stitching and ‘’memories’
Size: 51 x 51cm
Above: Connections to South Africa
Materials/Techniques: Hanging based on the words of Nelson Mandela with machine stiching
Size: 50 x 48cm
Above: Magic Wood
Materials/Techniques: Silk paper backed with dyed silk with wool fleece embellishment, hand and machine stitching
Size: 50 x 40cm
Natural Connections ST Medieval Initials ST  
Before All Falls Apart ST

Above: Natural Connections
Techniques/Materials: Paper coloured with encaustic wax and other materials  with natural and thread connections, hand and machine stitching
Size: 48 x 28cm

Above::  Past Time
Size:  31 x 31cm
Materials:  Sheer fabrics on velvet, based on initials in medieval form.

Above:  Before All Falls Apart
Size:  30 x 60cm
Materials:  machine stiching, lace and fragments (made on dissolvable plastic)


Purple Sunflowers ST
Recycle Time ST
Flower Garden ST
Above: Purple Sunflowers
Size: 28cm x 21cm
Technique: Machine embroidery
Materials/Description: The bag is cotton chambray with satin lining (with pockets).
Centre panel - encaustic wax on calico
Above: Recycle Time
Size: 26cm x 26cm
Technique: machine-stitching on encaustic wax
Materials/Description: Made from recycled paper which was used to  protect the table whilst working with encaustic wax.
The embellishment is an old necklace and the clasp from a shoe.
The lining is an old silk blouse and the handle a necklace.
Above: Flower Garden
Size: 18cm x 12cm
Technique: machine-stitching
Materials/Description: Calico coloured with encaustic wax. Lining - satin
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