Renu Modha

I have always been interested in Fashion and Embroidery and started making clothes for my dolls as a child.  In 1994 I gained a BA (Hons) in Fashion Promotions and designed a range of embroidered shawls for my final year collection.  I then went to live in India for a while and during my stay there my passion for embroidery led me to travel extensively to remote villages in Gujarat and Rajasthan to see embroidered textiles. 

My work reflects my love of colour, texture and embellishments particularly embroidery.   I draw inspiration from my travels to India, from the rich and vibrant colours, the embroidered textiles, the festivals, the jewellery, the architecture and the nature around me.  As well as successfully creating my own brand ‘Ishvari’ I also like to experiment with different types of silk and then embellish it with various embroidery techniques in order to make exclusive wall hangings and accessories for the home.

Peacock Mirror 2 RM


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Left:Peacock Mirror 2

Description: Large embroidered peacock feather on silk, using sequins and beads, mounted on a mirror

Size:24" x 6"

Peacock Mirror 1 RM Left: Peacock Mirror
Description: Embroidered feather on silk using sequins and beads, mounted on a mirror
Size: 16" x 16"
Below: Violet Garden
Materials/Techniques: Nuno felted scrim with beadwork mounted onto silk canvas
Size: 15 x 30cm
stole RM Left: Hand Embroidered Stole.
Size: 2m x 0.5m
Materials: Wool/Viscose stole, hand made felt, kunin felt, various threads, yarns and beads.
Techniques: Felt Suffolk puff flowers, Hand embroidery.
Design Source: Floral patterns on Indian textiles.
Sand Dune RM Violet Garden RM
Right: Sand Dune
Materials/Techniques: Machine embroidery using different types of silk embellished with beads and french knots on a calico background.
Size: 15 x 54cm
Right: Peacock Bag
Description: Folding silk clutch bag with a hand embroidered peacock motif, using sequins and beads
Size: 11 x 10" when openen out
Peacock Bag RM Right: Silk Bag
Materials/Techniques: Silk Bag with machine embroidery and metal clasp
Silk Bag RM
Lichen 1 RM Left: Lichen 1
Size; 25 x 25cm
Description: Felt, burnt with heat gun and embellished with machine embroidery and beads


Quilted Folder RM

Left: Quilted folder
Size: 8.5” x 13”
Materials: Hand dyed silk, cotton silk inside lining, metallic and rayon embroidery threads.
Techniques: Free motion machine quilting.
Design Source: Inside of a Pomegranate.
Coral 1 RM Coral 2 RM


Coral 2 & 3:
Size: 25 x 25cm
Description: Machine embroidery on various fabrics, embellished with beads

Coral 3 RM
Above: Coral 1
Size: 30 x 30cm
Description: Machine embroidery on silk, embellished with beads
Coral 2   Coral 3

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