Janet Szczesniak
I have always been interested in painting and embroidery and started my career as a secondary school teacher in art and design and ceramics. In 2012 I completed my City and Guilds Level3 Embroidery and also published a children's illustrated book "The Frog Who Made Friends". I work with painting, dying fabrics, beading, applique and hand and machine embroidery, taking a mixed media approach towards working with textiles. Colour, texture, movement and narrative are an important consideration and in how these can reflect aspects of the natural world. Click on images for details
Right: Study of a Pepper in Stitch

Size: 69.5cm x 34cm

Technique/Materials: A framed hand embroidered and
beaded design of a pepper with a dyed muslin background.

Source: designs from a pepper study
Study of a Pepper in Stitch

Two Silk Scarves JS

Right: Applique Cat
(An experimental piece)

Size:26cm x 18cm

Techniques/materials: hand and machine embroidered cat with a hand embroidered running stitch patterned cotton background.

Source: design from a photograph of a pet cat.

Applique Cat
Above: Two Silk Scarves
Size: 138cm x 13cm
Technique/Materials: Dyed (painted) silk with machine applique dyed silk organdie motifs of leaves and flowers. The flower scarf has a free machined background and the leaf design has a machine embroidered background. Beaded fringes and beaded embellishment.
Source: the natural world of leaves and flowers.
Bookbag JS

Left: Applique Bookbag

Size: 44cm x 41cm

Technique/Materials: patchwork pieces of cotton dyed fabric with applique designs from the story of "The Frog Who Made Friends" Transfer centre design. Hand embroidery(wool and cotton threads) and machine stitching with embellished buttons and beads.

Source: Story of "The Frog Who Made Friends"

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