Isobel Freeman

I had enjoyed embroidery as a child and so, nearly ten years ago, I decided to join an embroidery course to reinvigorate my hobby. I had in mind an informal group to give me an aim and to exchange ideas. Instead I started on a City and Guilds course in Machine Embroidery.

A couple of years later I went to Preston College and, over two years, completed the Certificate in Embroidery and Design.  I then did two years of the Diploma at Lancaster Adult college with Judith Peacock as my tutor, which I completed in December 2009.

My designs are based on the natural world and include landscapes, trees and flowers which combines my love of walking and gardening along with photography for my design inspirations.

I use a mixture of stitches, initially using a range  hand stitches, but now I mainly use Machine embroidery.  I also use Embellishing, to create interesting backgrounds for stitching into or combining this with hand made felt. I also enjoy colouring fabrics; painting or dyeing fabrics and threads for a project is very satisfying.

Lily Felt IF
Lily Pad IF

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Above: Lily Felt
Description:Dyed fabric, applique and machine embroidery
Size: 30 x 40

Left: Lily Pad
Description:Felt, hand & machine embroidery with embellishments
Size: 45 x 17cm

Merano Vineyard IF

Leaves IF forest Nymph IF Sunset Scarf IF
Above: Merano Vineyard
Materials/Techniques:Embellished and stitched
Size: 30 x 60 cm
Above: Leaves
Materials/Techniques:Printed Calico, with machine embroidery and leaves from organza and embellished felt.
15 x 70
Above: Forest Nymph
Description: Velvet doll, with distressed sheer fabric and beads

Above: Sunset Scarf
Materials/Techniques: Hand and Machine stitching on natural fabrics, hand dyed

Sunset Bag IF

LandScape IF

Poppy Bag IF
Left: Land Scape
Materials/Techniques: Machine Embroidery
Size: 60x38cm
Title: Sunset Bag
Description: Embellished bag with machine quilting
Poppy Bag

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