Connecting Stitches Catalogue  







calico Tree AS

AS 21

Calico tree

Calico squares with machine covered cords, lace, silk leaves and hand stitching

Anne Stark


15cm x 62cm

Tree of Life AS

AS 22

Tree of Life

Hand-made felt, hand-stitched into, mounted on linen evenweave

Anne Stark


54cm x 43cm

Creation 2 AS

AS 23

Creation 2

Digitally printed cotton and organza. Hand-stitching. 
Assembled into box frame.

Anne Stark


25cm x 25cm

Velvet Box AS

AS 24

Velvet Box

Hand-made box - purchased patterned velvet with hand-made tassel

Anne Stark


11w x 7.5d x 9h

Souvenir of Italy BM

BM 21

Souvenir of Italy

Calico Squares, Paint and Stitch

Betty Morris


15cm x 76cm

The Red Tree BM

BM 22

The Red Tree

Hand and free machine stitching using dissolvable fabric and appliqué

Betty Morris


46cm x 36cm

Lindisfarne Memory BM

BM 24

Lindisfarne Memory

Paper, fabric and stitch

Betty Morris


36cm x 30cm

Flower Study in Blue GA

GA 21

FlowerStudy in Blue

Mixed fibres embellished on felt. Machine embroidery, beading and organza on calico.

Gaynor Ackers


3x (15cmx15cm)

Floating on Air GA

GA 22

Floating on Air

Machine embroidery on organza. Hand beading and goldwork on pure silk.

Gaynor Ackers



Connecting to the Past GA

GA 23

Connecting to the Past

Organza appliqué on merino/mohair felted fibres. Machine embroidery and hand beading.

Gaynor Ackers



Flower Chain GA

GA 24

Flower Chain

Machine embroidery on organza/mixed fibres and hand beading.

Gaynor Ackers



Sheer Nature GA

GA 25

Sheer Nature

Machine embroidery and beading on organza/mixed fibres.

Gaynor Ackers


20.5 x 20.5cms

Leaves IF

IF 21


Stitching on calico

Isobel Freeman



Italian Vineyard IF

IF 22

Italian Vineyard

Embellished and stitched

Isobel Freeman



Landscape IF

IF 23


Machine Embroidery

Isobel Freeman



colours in First Frost JS JS21 Colours in First Frost Dyed silks and viscose satin, hand embroidery & beading Janet Szczesniak NFS 800cmx640cm
Summer Flower JS JS22 Summer Flower Machine embroidery, printing, dyed fabrics, painted and torn paper, applique & beading Janet Szczesniak NFS 50cmx50cm
Study of pepper in Stitch JS JS23 Study of a Pepper in Stitch Hand embroidery, dyed muslin & beading Janet Szczesniak NFS 69.5cmx34cm
dreams JS JS24 Dreams Mixed media, applique, Canadian smocking hand &machine embroidery Janet Szczesniak NFS 48cmx49.5cm

Red Clouds MS

MS 21

Red Clouds

Silk clouds, machine embroidery, machine embroidered cords

Monica Selway


92cm x 15cm

Sun,Sea and Sand MS MS 26 Sun, Sea and Sand Hand dyed tissue paper and silk, origami and hand stitching Monica Selway NFS 55cm x 86cms
Flower Garden MS MS 27 Flower garden Hand dyed tissue paper, origami and hand stitching Monica Selway NFS 72cm x 32cms

Pink City, Marrakesh PB

PB 21

Pink City (Marrakesh)

Metallic and hand and machine embroidery

Pat Bean


15cm x 92cm

Jewels of the Sea PB

PB 22

Jewels of the sea

Nuno felt on silk with machine embroidery

Pat Bean


94cm x 68.5cm

Volcanic Sunset PB

PB 24

Volcanic Sunset

Felt and machine embroidery

Pat Bean


28cm x 33cm

Coral Reef PB

PB 25

Coral Reef

Hand embroidery and textured materials

Pat Bean


24cm x 24cm

Sand Dune RM

RM 21

Sand Dune

Description: Machine embroidery using different types of silk embellished with beads and french knots on a calico background.

Renu Modha


15cm x 54cm

Garden of Flowers RM

RM 22

Garden of Flowers

Nuno felted scrim with beadwork mounted onto silk canvas

Renu Modha


15cm x 30cm

Silk Bag RM

RM 23

Silk Bag

Silk Bag with machine embroidery and metal clasp.

Renu Modha



Heart Hanging SM

SM 21

Heart hanging

6” squares on calico with heart motives, machine embroidery with beads

Sandie Maher


15cm x 96.5cm

Beaded Tassel SM

SM 22

Beaded beaded Tassel - Green

Tassel with beads


Sandie Maher


40.5cm tall

Beaded Tassel SM SM 23 Beaded Tassel - Burgundy

   Silk thread and beads

Sandie Maher NFS 40.5cm tall

Kantha Hanging

SM 24

Kantha hanging

Screen printed background with kantha embroidery and beads

Sandie Maher


40cm x 67cm

Steampunk Doll 1

SM 25

Steampunk Doll 1

Cloth doll

Sandie Maher NFS   
Steampunk Doll2 SM SM 26 Steampunk Doll 2 Cloth doll Sandie Maher NFS   
Fern SM SM 27 Fern

Cloth doll body transfer dyed and machine embroidered organza

Sandie Maher NFS   

Fantasy  Flowers SMT

SMT 21


Encaustic wax image printed on to calico with  wool fleece, hand and machine embellishments

Sue Tyldesley


15cm x 80cm

Natural Connections SMT

SMT 24

Natural connections

Paper coloured with encaustic wax and other materials  with natural and thread connections, hand and machine stitching

Sue Tyldesley


48cmc x 28cm

SMT 25

Connected flowers

Woven papers with different embellishments including encaustic wax with hand and machine stitching and silk cocoon flowers. Backed with hand dyed fabric

Sue Tyldesley


46cm x 37cm

Magic Wood SMT

SMT 26

Magic wood

Silk paper backed with dyed silk with wool fleece embellishment, hand and machine stitching

Sue Tyldesley


50cm x 40cm

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